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Anything and Everywhere but Not Now

Okay this is my first fanfic with 8 and Fitz
tell me what you think, (its not that good, is it? =(   

The Doctor has promised Fitz anyplace and everyplace, but that would have to wait.
FItz and The Doctor could have been anywhere in the universe, any time for that matter too.

But no, They were in the counsel room, the doctor laying on the chair with his legs dangling over the arms.

Fitzgerald Michael Kreiner also known as Fitz Fortune, passed away Tuesday night. The world famous musician brought so many things into this world,

"So Doctor, what do you think? believable?" Fitz asked grinning like a madman.
the doctor read it over, "A bit false don't you think? and i still don't see why your writing this."

Fitz had decided to write, not a song, but an obituary. His own obituary! And the worst part was he would not tell the doctor why.

Fitz began to tear up
The doctor lifted himself from the chair and made his way over to fitz
"Fitz....." he said softly " fitz whats wrong

One of the things was that Fitz was a bit embarrassed to tell the doctor why he was writing this. 

What was he going to say? 'hey doctor just writing my obituary because of this overly dramatic book i read about some guy whose girlfriend ran away with a time traveler and he got blamed for her death even though she wasn’t dead.but if hos girlfriend faked her death the guy would be police free.'

There was no way Fitz was telling the doctor that. No way in hell. The doctor would tell Fitz something along the lines that it was just a story and that he should forget about it and so on. At least thats what Fitz wanted to believe. Deep down he knew  the doctor would be affected. Feel saddened by the story

"fitz... you can tell me whats wrong, you know that." the doctor said placing a hand on his shoulder